After a Looooong Break

After having taken an eight months break from drawing, things look up again!
I didn't think that taking such a break would actually be beneficial in the end; I thought I was done for! and I couldn't have been more wrong.

That long period of intentionally putting art aside completely has rejuvenated my creative flow. Where I accused myself of being dry, unmotivated, and lazy, turned out to have been inevitable. I guess my brain was claiming some time-off to reorganize information and put things in perspective. I just misinterpreted. Now that I am back into full drawing and thinking mode, things are pouring out more easily, and sometimes even more effectively: the areas where I used to struggle now come to me more easily. Basically, I get it. Finally.

However, I am not saying that my return has made me "IT" or anything close. I am far from being satisfied with my work. Well I never am satisfied anyway, but I am happy to pursue drawing once more, and being inspired again is extremely motivating, not to mention the amazing people who are around me these days: Anthony Christov is absolutely magnificent; he is an insane motivation for me. Working with a professional is intimidating and is, afterall, a huge "pushing factor" that is enough to make me dedicate more attention to my work. Then there are all the kids around me who are the bomb. Meaning literally and figuratively; not only are they amazing, but man did they set me off..! no one rains on my parade, except, well, my own mistakes. And boy there are still many...

"The Host"© by Stephenie Meyer: