"Udon Dinner" - Scene & Lighting Study

Two ladies caught my attention the other night while I was having my regular bowl of udon soup. To be honest, I think it was the lady on the right's hairdo; it is rare to see someone with their hair up in that manner anymore, and even though she was relaxed in a t-shirt without any makeup on, I thought she looked stylish. The lighting is nice in that restaurant so I wanted to try my hand at recreating the moment (of course I snuck reference pictures like a little creep!).

World Cup Win!

Little drawing to celebrate France's win at the world cup!


On the left is a concept for a "Cinderella" character made for Royal Blue Games. The character had to evolve out of this design but I'll always be fond of it. I went for a European Classical/Renaissance aesthetic inspired by the delicacy of "The Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli. You can view the final approved design here, or visit my gaming page for the full finished symbol set.


Here's a character I've been developing for a personal project. I obviously don't want to reveal too much of her story but I wanted something meaningful, relatable, and yet poignant enough to still make her a hero through the game. At the time I decided to create this project, I had been playing nothing but Assassin's Creed, and it was, for a long time, my favorite game. However, I love female heroes and I just couldn't resist! I am grateful for the creative fuel AC and TR games gave me when it came to practical weaponry and the option of stealth and fight-modes. When I first started on her design a few months back, I had a general idea of what I wanted, but I needed to narrow it down a lot to get to this. Her design is mainly based on the story, but on the other hand, I also developed the story around her looks, too. For example: her hair was inspired by Storm, my favorite X-Men hero, and I worked the story to fit the white hair in. Anyway, that's all I'll go into for now ;)


It's Throwback Thursday so I thought I'd leave this here: A Lara Croft-inspired baddie saving our Earth from alien invaders, done in 2012. I feel like a cringe coming on as I want to adjust so much of it now.

Iris Von Everec Process

I'm obsessed with Iris Von Everec from The Witcher 3. She's the most touching character I've encountered in a game in a long time, on top of being so beautiful and charismatic. Her 20s flapper style mixed with Victorian Gothic had me hooked on her design. I haven't finished her yet but can't wait to share what I have so far.

"Fall Promenade"

I need to practice more worm's eye view for animation. Still not quite there yet!

Violet Night Out

I'm trying to push myself to try different things, even if they're not perfect in the end. I've been paralyzed by fear of not meeting a certain standard, which, in the end, isn't serving me well. I've decided to stop sweating every detail and just let some things go in order to allow myself enjoyment when I draw, instead of disappointment. My fear of mistakes and not meeting my own standards has always resulted in a loss of motivation and guilt. Anyhoo! Just trying to find that sweet spot in my process; the one that will allow me to grow and get better naturally, by practicing and enjoying the journey, instead of holding back in fear of disappointment.


Here's some fan art. Although I feel the story let me down a bit, the characters are amazing.

Fairies Concepts

I found some old concepts I drew two years ago. I loved working on these! I didn't include them all, since some of them were chosen for the game. It will be in development soon, and I will edit to include the link to the app as soon as I have it :)


Here it is finished. I want to make another one with the same base drawing but different character. Maybe an evil version? We'll see what I come up with.

Started something

I started this last night. I think I'll finish it because I find working on it quite soothing. Except for the part where SketchbookPro corrupted my file and I had to transfer it to Photoshop.

The X Files: Mulder & Scully

 X-Files fan art. I've been re-watching the X-Files series and I can't get over how awesome that show was! I want to get the series and the movies checked-off the list before starting Season 10 revival.


My friend Jeremy Saliba tagged me in a design challenge. I got to do Elektra!

Drinking alone

Taking a shot at Don't Tell Mama's.


My friend Sarah and I shared a joke about her getting a pet tiger. I said I'd draw how badass she'd look. And what is more badass than a Frank Frazetta piece?

That's right. Nothing.


I was asked to design the flyer for an upcoming swing dancing event, which will be held around Halloween time. My client specifically wanted a pumpkin-headed dancer girl, so here it is without all the fancy type over it!

... and here it is with all the official information!

... and here it is with all the official information!

The Tavern

Not much done here yet! :) I put it away for a bit so I can rejuvenate those creative forces that seem to have evaporated along with what's left of any hydrating factor in this Nevada Summer heat.. then came back to it only to notice a gazillion things that need adjusting/fixing so I'm just at the eye-roll stage that haunts all artists.
That, and playing Thief like there's no tomorrow...

Dr. Sketchy's

Another happy burlesque night at the Artifice for the monthly Dr. Sketchy's.


I started doing yoga.

Routine day in Olympus

Athena, Aphrodite, and Zeus, in Olympus. This one took me longer than I want to admit. Having a few hours of free-time after work and a few hours during the weekends, it took me a week and a half to finalize it.

Austalian Adventures Down Undah!

I found this amazing image and thought it was a concept art piece. As it turns out, it was an amaaaazing photograph, and I couldn't help but want to learn from it; just to recreate that soft atmosphere and cool serenity.. And, I switched the Australian adventurer for Lara Croft, of course ;)

Valentine & Eden

These are my little IGs <3>


I work with a lot of Canadians, and I like those guys. So here's to Canada!! M0oOo0se!

Childhood Treasures!

When I was 14 or so, I gave away all my toys. The best part was going through it all. I hope they went to children who needed them, and I hope they were happy to have them!

Dr. Sketchy's, June

June session of dr. Sketchy's! Loved the burlesque theme.

Design challenge with Jeremy

Jeremy and I had a little fun today with a quick character design sketch challenge. The word we went for was "assassin". The rule was that it had to fit in an episode of Game of Thrones. I wanted mine to fit into Daenerys' culture (a.k.a. be a total badass). I picked burgundy leather and gold accents instead of just brown because the dragons are pretty colorful, and this Earthy color would look really good in contrast to Daenerys' vivid cerulean blue costumes.

"Blame everyone else"

Don't you just want to slam your face against a surface when people blame the world for everything that doesn't go their way? This is how I imagine people's demons cause them to feel.

I had free-time!

Sometimes, when my superiors are on vacation, and I am left with lots of free-time, I practice on the new set of brushes Jeremy sends me.
That's what you guys get.  ;)

Bedtime sketch

Not sure where this is going, yet. :)