Here's a character I've been developing for a personal project. I obviously don't want to reveal too much of her story but I wanted something meaningful, relatable, and yet poignant enough to still make her a hero through the game. At the time I decided to create this project, I had been playing nothing but Assassin's Creed, and it was, for a long time, my favorite game. However, I love female heroes and I just couldn't resist! I am grateful for the creative fuel AC and TR games gave me when it came to practical weaponry and the option of stealth and fight-modes. When I first started on her design a few months back, I had a general idea of what I wanted, but I needed to narrow it down a lot to get to this. Her design is mainly based on the story, but on the other hand, I also developed the story around her looks, too. For example: her hair was inspired by Storm, my favorite X-Men hero, and I worked the story to fit the white hair in. Anyway, that's all I'll go into for now ;)